Which Is the Best Cheapest CSGO Knife?

cheapest csgo knife

Is there any cheapest CSGO knife that looks expensive?

The main reason why CS:GO is so popular is because of its weapon skins and cool knives, keeping the game feeling fresh. Although the prices of knives in the CS: GO game reach dizzying sums, players are willing to pay thousands of dollars for a few pixels.

We searched and found the cheapest CSGO knife for you. Let’s see which is the best.

Here is our list of the best expensive-looking but cheapest CSGO knives that you can currently purchase: 

Huntsman Knife – Boreal Forest

The Boreal Forest knife skin is not the most inexpensive one, but its popularity and slick design make it worth mentioning. Its kin features an all-black grip, with the base of the gun covered in traditional military camo. 

This skin is available in all conditions for less than $90. 

Navaja Knife – Urban Masked

Looking for a decent-looking CSGO knife design, but you’re on a budget? Navaja Knife – Urban Masked is the knife for you. 

This knife was first introduced to CS:GO in 2018 and released as part of the Danger Zone Case, alongside the “A New Horizon” update. It is currently one of the most popular items in CS:GO. 

The price ranges from $50 for the Battle-Scarred wear type to $140 for the Factory New and Minimal-Wear types. It is also available in other conditions, and the best value option would be Minimal Wear which costs over $60.

Shadow Daggers – Rust Coat

The Shadow Daggers Rust Coat skin is very cheap but also very unpopular. It is available only in Well-Worn and Battle-Scarred conditions, showing a vast amount of wear on the weapon, making it pretty unattractive. Its animation doesn’t look great at all. If you want to add any skin to your knife, this knife is a viable option. The price range is from $50 to $75. Designed for efficient brutality, using a push dagger is as simple as throwing a punch or two. 

Gut Knife – Safari Mesh

If you are a fan of the gut knife design, the gut knife Safari Mesh skin is a good choice. 

The major feature of a gut knife is the gut hook on the spine of the blade. The gut hook is effective at cutting through fibrous materials like rope, webbing, or safety belts with ease. It has been spray-painted using mesh fencing and cardboard cutouts as stencils.

If you are looking for a crazy design that will impress your opponents, this probably isn’t the most impressive one, but it will add new and cool appeal to your gut knife collection. It can be found for the price of $52.

Why is the cheapest CSGO Knife is so cheap?

Since it’s a skin that won’t directly affect your gameplay, it’s hard to say it is cheap. However, it is still less expensive than many other knives. Some knives have a low price because they have worn-out exterior, unpopular and unattractive designs, or the mix of it all.

How to find the cheapest CSGO knife?

First, do some market research. Steam Community Market is the biggest market, but check some third-party marketplaces like BitSkins. You can also find cheap knives at the SkinScan website that aggregates data from different popular online CS:GO marketplaces to give you the easiest way of doing market research. It allows you to easily search for any item you want, quickly providing information about knife prices at various marketplaces.

Check the prices of the skins you want and keep track of where you can buy the cheapest one. Many traders looking to cash out their items for the actual currency will be willing to accept a bit lower than the market price to ensure a quicker turnover.

Many different factors affect the prices of CS:GO knives. If you are patient enough, you can wait for new events in CS:GO and Steam, the holiday seasons, etc., when the knife will be at its lowest price and save as much as possible.

If you like to win knives instead of buying them, there is always a CSGO betting option.