F1 Manager 2022 Video Game Announcement

F1 manager 2022

This summer, we will not only drive Formula F1 but also become the F1 team manager in the fully licensed F1 Manager 2022 game.

In management games, the dominant one is Football Manager. But there are many manager titles for less popular sports such as basketball, cycling, and even handball. Motorsport will now join this series because we have a Formula 1 Manager 2022!

F1 Manager 2022: Coming this summer!

It will be an officially licensed F1 game, but not to be confused – it will have nothing to do with Codemasters F1 games. As you can guess, in F1 Manager, you will have an option to select our team and lead it in the Grand Prix adventure.

You will be able to choose the team, drivers, take care of the team’s finances, work on the engineering and development of the car, and choose the strategies and approaches for the race itself.

The game is described as a hyper-realistic simulation of Formula 1, with all licensed content for the 2022 season. F1 Manager 2022 is set to become a new series by the development team Frontier Developments. The team is also known for Elite: Dangerous, Jurassic Park Evolution, and Planet Zoo games.

F1 Manager 2022 will be available on PC (Steam, Epic), PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Series X/S consoles. The game will be released during the summer of 2022.

More about the new F1 Manager 2022 game

Build your team

Your construction team is the beating heart of the racing operation. Between races, you control every detail of your team from HQ. Monitor the performance of your star drivers and staff, keep your finances in the black, and scout the best employees from competing teams to give yourself an extra edge for the upcoming races.

Get the eye-catching car designs

Assign new parts to your cars to prepare for the upcoming race. Choose your technical approach to give yourself an advantage on the forthcoming tracks – develop a balanced system, focus on areas that need improvement, or excel in certain aspects of performance?

The race

You are responsible and in control of every decision! From the traffic light to the chequered flag, strategy to tire choice, and driver instructions – the choice is yours. Plan your course of action, but be prepared to react to dynamic race events like weather and fluctuating track conditions. Immerse yourself in a hyper-realistic simulation of an official F1® race presented in lifelike broadcast quality.

This time you won’t just play F1 Manager 2022; you will live it! We are looking forward to playing it!