Football Manager 2022 Free to Play for a Weekend

Football Manager 2022 Free to Play

Want to embark on a four-day adventure of managing a football club? Football Manager 2022 now offers you the opportunity to try it for free!

Football seasons in Europe are slowly entering their tense finale. Some clubs dream of a title, while others fear falling to a lower rank. It’s ideal for immersing yourself in a football fantasy with the still current edition of Football Manager 2022, which is free to play this weekend.

How to play football Managee 2022 for free?

You can play the full version of Football Manager 2022 on Steam, Epic Games Store, and Xbox One/Series platforms from now until 7:00 pm (EST) on Monday, April 11th. However, if you plan to play on the Xbox, you will need an active subscription to the Xbox Live Gold service and you will be able to play until 09:59 am (EST) on April 11th.

Getting access to the game is simple if you already have a Steam, Epic, or Xbox account. When you go to the FM22 page in the respective store, instead of ‘Buy Now,’ it says ‘Get for Free’ or ‘Play For Free.’ The game will be added to your library when you click the button and will remain fully playable until the free play period expires.

Play Football Manager 2022 for free

If you like the game, you will be able to save all the progress made during the free trial weekend if you decide to buy the game. And it will be at a 33% discount until April 21, available for 36.84 euros.

Football Manager 2022 has been available since November 9, 2021, on PC, through Steam and the Epic Games Store. This famous football simulation license is still just as popular, and almost every opus breaks the records set by the previous one.

Well, we know what we’re doing this weekend, how about you?

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