The Isle of Bigsnax: The PlayStation Exclusive Now Arrives on Game Pass, Steam and Switch

isle of bigsnax

The Isle of Bigsnax, an unusual adventure with a touch of mystery and horror, will be available to players on Xbox, Steam, and Switch by the end of the month.

The unique and unusual adventure of Bugsnax will celebrate two years of existence this year. This narratively surprisingly good title will celebrate its second birthday on PlayStation consoles and other playable platforms.

Exploring the new island of Bigsnax

Travel to a mysterious new island where all the Bugsnax are pretty big! To help catch these bigger prey, the players will have access to new tools and tricks.

You’ll have to learn new mechanics like the Shrink Spice, which can shrink the huge Bugsnax down to a size that can be caught. Chandlo, Floofty, Triffany, and Shelda will join you to learn more about the island’s long-forgotten past and their personal stories.

You’ll finally have your own hut back in Snaxburg. You can earn furniture and decorations for your living area by completing challenges from your inbox. These challenges will change how you explore and catch by adding a few twists to the action.

Bugsnax will be available on April 28 to Xbox and PC players via Xbox/PC Game Pass (and Steam) and Nintendo Switch owners. Not only that, but everyone will get the first big expansion called The Isle of Bigsnax for free.

Free updates

“I am really very happy to bring Bugsnax to a new audience, especially with all these free updates, so that I can share this strange and silly world with all of you. I hope you enjoy Bugsnax”, said Bugsnax creative director Kevin Zuhn.

The Isle of Bigsnax will provide an additional three hours of play. Players will be able to explore the newly formed island with 30 completed tasks that they will have to solve. The expansion is expected to have about 100 challenges with over 200 cosmetic items as prizes, with a new biome to explore.

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